Meet The Team

About Us

We’re a team of marketing professionals that are passionate about helping tradesmen grow their businesses. You wouldn’t expect us to build our own garden wall or tile our own bathroom, similarly we wouldn’t expect anyone to build their own websites or handle their own marketing properly without any help from professionals. 

We’re here to help!

When you become one of our clients, helping you grow is our priority. You become a part of us, your growth equals our growth. And we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. 

So, who are we?

The Team

Founder & Head of Marketing

Melanie has specialised in branding and marketing for 20 years, working with clients to create strong brands and brand awareness.

Melanie is a creative thinker and ideas person who loves seeing the seed of an idea grow into a strong brand and success business.

Melanie is a ‘people person’ who enjoys connecting with others and inspiring fruitful partnerships.

Founder & Web Guru

Lucy created her very first website at just nine years old and grew up with a huge passion for all things web design. Keeping up to date with the latest trends, technology and techniques, she can effortlessly create a website that will compliment your business and branding perfectly. 

In her free time you can find Lucy with her head stuck in a good book, sharing memes on Facebook or listening to cheesy 80’s music.

Online Advertising & SEO Manager

Caroline has worked in digital marketing for over 20 years and she knows how to connect every aspect of the customer journey to achieve online success.

Caroline specialises in Google PPC Ads, Social Media Advertising and SEO. Her expertise in these areas will ensure that you will grow your business with maximum results.

Social Media Content Creator

Jenn has been designing social media graphics since the days of MySpace. With her flair for design and professional background in Sales and Communications, she knows exactly what to say that will connect with your customers. 

Jenn loves working with people and helping to tell their stories in a creative way.

Business Support

Lisa has over 15 years of senior leadership experience in championing business growth.

From sales, marketing, finance, HR and admin support, through to creating new partnerships and opportunities,
Lisa plays an integral part in the operational running and success of The Busy Trader.

Lisa is genuinely kind and has our customers best interests at heart. She’s passionate about ensuring that we continue to offer our customers great service and value.