Free Website Audits

Your Website

Having a website for your business is great and probably one of the most important steps to take when introducing yourself and what you do digitally. But what would be the point, if your website isn’t performing?

By performing, we mean that it isn’t bringing you in any new business. Your traffic is low. Nobody can find you and what seemed like a great investment to begin with no longer is – because it’s not getting you anywhere or helping you grow. 

Factors can include page optimisation, the design and functionality, usability and much more. For example, over 70% of your website traffic will probably be from mobile phones nowadays – is your website optimised for mobile phones? If not, this could really be affecting your rankings and traffic. 

It could be that your website is ugly – statistics show that people generally are put off hiring someone if their website doesn’t look great. 

We won’t tell you what you want to hear but we will tell you what you need to hear. Nothing will be sugar coated, we’ll tell you what is working and what isn’t working.

Get Your Free Audit

Lots of web design companies provide free audits, but ours are different.

We don’t use auditing software, where bots crawl your website and show what works on paper, we prefer looking at things as a human and applying our experience in marketing psychology to show you what will help you get more traffic. 

We will compile a report of what is working and what isn’t working – and how you can fix things.